Boundless Family Challenge

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Are you ready to grow with your family in a whole new way?
This 4-week challenge focuses on cultivating a Boundless family centered on fitness, connection, spirituality, and growth. Sign up now to get the whole family involved!  One registration covers your entire household.
Start date: January 30th

Curriculum includes:

  • Cultivating presence and mindfulness in a world with constant distractions
  • How to make cooking fun and easy for the busiest of schedules 
  • Getting active together so your movement feels like play 
  • Building your family legacy and strong sense of purpose as a unit 

Time commitment:

You can expect to spend 15 minutes per day learning and setting aside time for genuine family connection. 


Track your participation throughout the 4 weeks for a chance to win Ben's new Boundless Parenting book. 

    The Boundless Family Challenge is limited to the first 100 families. Secure your spot now while there is still space available.