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  • Do you struggle with temptation, and often find yourself succumbing to it? 
  • Do you get confused or overwhelmed by the variety of ways one can pray, meditate, read the Bible or “be spiritual?”
  • Do you lay awake at night feeling as though although you checked a lot of productivity boxes, at the end of the day, you are still restless and unfulfilled?
  • Do you want to live a fully impactful life that inspires others to greatness and defies the sad status quo of what the world accepts as adequate spiritual health?
  • Do you want to ingest more beauty, dance more, sing more, dream more, create more, and experience with a fuller sense of peace, love and joy all of God’s creation?

Fact is, when it comes to dealing with temptations, we all crave help, meaning and direction. However,  it doesn’t just happen. You must be equipped with the full armor of God, and understand that you are fighting a battle for your very soul. And you must come prepared.

As a sequel to the wildly popular book Fit Soul, Endure, written and inspired by the author Ben Greenfield’s own personal temptations, struggles and failures, and informed by what he’s studied and learned along the way, will serve as a key resource and guide for that very preparation.

Within the pages of this book, you’ll discover common temptations, obstacles, pitfalls and struggles you’ll face along the way, and learn exactly to deal with them; learn mastery of passions and desires, and how to strike a balance between savoring God’s creation and stoic self-discipline; delve into purpose and productivity, revealing how to work deep, create beauty, and simultaneously experience rest and refreshment; learn how to love others and love God more fully, while creatively weaving the Golden Rule into your life; discover what happens at the end of your life, and how to find meaning in both life and death; and ultimately learn how to be most glorified in God by being most satisfied in Him.

By the conclusion of Endure, you will have discovered and learned how to implement the same tools, tactics and habits for spiritual stamina that were inspired by great philosophers, thinkers and theologians of ancient and modern ages. If you truly desire more spiritual stamina and endurance – along with joy, meaning and purpose in life – then this book will serve as your practical blueprint and guide.

Ben Greenfield