30 Day Better Dad Bod

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Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your appreciation for all that your dad does than with a gift that will help him feel his best? Introducing our 30-Day Better Dad Bod bundle! This package includes a 30-minute consultation with a Ben Greenfield certified coach and a 30-day customized fitness plan tailored to your dad's needs.


During the 30-minute consultation, your dad will have the undivided attention of a coach who specializes in making fitness accessible and enjoyable for men of all ages and fitness levels. Your dad will have the chance to discuss his fitness goals, exercise preferences, any physical challenges he's currently facing, and more.


After the consultation, your dad will receive a 30-day customized fitness plan designed specifically for him. This personalized plan will include a variety of exercises tailored to his fitness level, interests, and goals. We'll also factor in his schedule and availability to ensure the plan fits seamlessly into his daily routine.


The Father's Day Coaching Bundle is the perfect gift for any dad looking to take his fitness journey to the next level. Whether your dad is a fitness enthusiast or just starting his fitness journey, the Ben Greenfield coaches have the expertise and passion to help him reach his goals.


Surprise your dad with a gift to help him feel his best this Father's Day. Order the 30-Day Better Dad Bod bundle today and give your dad the gift of fitness.