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Boundless Parenting: Tools, Tactics & Habits of Great Parents

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Ben Greenfield’s newest book is a groundbreaking anthology of vulnerable, radical, and inspiring parenting advice from superstar parents such as Naveen Jain, Katie Wells, “The Liver King,” and Spartan race founder Joe DeSena. These entrepreneurs, billionaires, single moms and dads, pastors, education experts, legacy builders, wealth managers, and other earthshaking parents have come together to share their tips, tactics, and tools with YOU!

Ben Greenfield

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Matthew W.
United States United States

Boundless parenting

Literally the book I wish I’d had for the last 5 years since becoming a father.

Raychel S.
United States United States

Top notch resource for aspiring parents

I'm not a parent yet but this book has opened my eyes to the possibility of raising kids outside of societal norms. I'm excited to learn and prepare for being a parent in the future!

Thomas C.
United States United States

Motivation to do things I never thought were possible

This book has opened up my eyes into the world of the very successful. There are tips, links and insights from very succesful leaders and entrepeneurs on how they've raised their children into this complex world. In fact, I've gone forward and sought out some of their recommendations and wish I had this done for me as a child. So, being that it is what it is, I now have the opportunity to give my children something that would of propelled me significantly in life - with this alone, I feel intuitively that my purpose as a parent is playing out as planned. I can say, for once, that I have a response to my inner ego asking if I am a good parent. This book is engaging, exciting, motivating and a true gem. Thank you, Ben

United States United States

Wonderful compilation

It was so interesting to learn the various parenting methods of your wildly successful friends. It goes to show that every child is unique when it comes to parenting and that there's absolutely no right or wrong answer. Some things that I have now adopted into my life: 1) Best, worst, and weirdest (the latter ALWAYS draws laughs) 2) Individual date nights with kids (this has completely changed my relationship with my daughter because her little brother isn't around to annoy her at mealtime and we can try exotic places that her brother and dad wouldn't go to) 3) Eye-gazing. I know you're religious and not spiritual, but did you know that holding your hand on your heart invokes the energy of your twin flame through the heart chakra? So by holding your hand on your heart and your other hand on your family member's heart, you're transferring the energy of your twin flame to your family member. Your twin flame is probably not your wife because she is your divine feminine twin and must have an incredible intensity, too intense to be on Earth at the same time as you. Mary Magdalene was supposed to be Jesus' twin flame. Sorry again if this is too spiritual for you but I felt that all this twin flame information was absolutely necessary for my spiritual transformation here on Earth.

Vin K.
United States United States

Useful Information

Loved the variety of perspectives and backgrounds of the parents in Boundless Parenting.. Even if you disagree with some of the opinions stated there is always some valuable information to be found from each parent. This book has a LOT of information and is a little intimidating at first but no worries it is well written and well laid out to make the information as digestable as possible. Look forward to reading the entire book.